the most effective method for slimming

and muscle gain

Hey! I help people reach their goals: to get a firm body by losing weight or developing lean muscle and strenght. Let’s talk about your figure and looks: what’s the situation now, and how would you like to look and feel!

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Female – the most effective method for slimming and muscle gain

‘People don’t want to work out hard. Everyone expects results from the trainer: an ideal figure without effort and already yesterday! Considering this 21st century mindset all over the world, I developed the most effective slimming program that is based on methods proven in my experience and gives quick results. With my program, you can take care of your weight, figure and health in line with the highest standards in the world and with the most recent and effective methods.’

Fitness trainer Paula Freeman has gained experience in Monaco gyms with the most demanding clients in Europe. Demanding clients are ready to do only the bare minimum and expect everything from the trainer: extremely effective workouts, real motivations and effective nutrition plans. Paula’s personal achievements, knowledge and experience gained with demanding clients form the basis for a new online program with individual workouts and nutritional plans of the highest level, motivation and specialist consultations. aims to help millions of people lose weight and shape their bodies in the most effective way.

How does work?

You tell us about your dream body

We devise a program for you to reach your dream body

Follow the program and see changes every day

What is is an effective program for slimming and increasing your muscle mass, which prepares exercises customised for you and a diet plan, so that you could attain your desired figure in a quick and healthy way. We know how you can lose weight or build muscles in the fastest possible way, entirely healthy and naturally. guarantees results.

Why do people choose

Thousands of people choose the programme, because it offers both an adapted workout and a nutrition plan. The programme was created by a team of fitness instructors and nutrition experts. People appreciate the motivating support that they can receive in their programmes on a daily basis from the fitness instructors and nutrition experts. The fitness programme has helped thousands of people reach their aims and get a dream body!

Start by telling me about yourself – you're a:


Frequently asked questions about the program


Will the lost weight return?

No. Your transformation with the program is permanent.


Does guarantee results?

Yes. You will be 100% satisfied with the result or within 30 days you can write to us and – without any questions – get your money back within one business day after the initial request. You have nothing to lose (only the excess kilograms or a depressed mood – I promise you!).


How does differ from similar projects?

First, there are no similar projects, as no trainers earning a fortune at Monaco gyms create effective programs available to everyone online. To avoid any misunderstanding, is a unique opportunity for you to get the highest level program and the most effective methods for losing kilograms or building muscles. Here you can clearly see what defines and makes it so unique:

1 ensures that you get the most effective methods and approach – just like those that the highest-paying and most demanding clients get from their trainers

2 gives results in a 100% natural and healthy way: without pills or dietary supplements


It’s your choice – to work out or not to work out – we’ll take your excess kilograms away in any case


An individual approach to you specifically, with exercises and a diet that work just for you


How to start losing weight with

Take a test about yourself at the top of this page. You’ll be able to start really building muscles or lose first kilograms at a time of your convenience (also today, if you want).


What will I get by signing up for the program?

You’ll get an individually prepared program with things you need to do to lose weight or grow muscles and see transformations of your figure every day. Depending on what you choose to do for your benefit, you will receive exercises to be done at home, a diet plan, personal consultations, and motivation.


Will my data be confidential, and is the slimming program safe?

Yes, is safe and confidential. It operates in compliance with the European Personal Data Protection Law.